Cher's Developing a TV Show That Sounds Far Out

Here are some reasons to get excited about the TV show Cher is developing with the Logo TV network:

  • It's Logo, home of RuPaul's Drag Race
  • The show will be set in Hollywood
  • The show will be set in the 1960s (!!!)
  • Its a collaboration with Ron Zimmerman, who wrote a couple of episodes of Charles In Charge (?)
  • IT'S CHER.

It's unknown whether or not the show will get picked up, or whether or not Cher herself will appear on the program. But if you dig all the swinging Sixties Mad Men scenes of Don Draper in L.A., and if you think the image above is a gas (that's which Sonny, Cher and Twiggy cooling it in Beverly Hills circa 1967), well, this will certainly be up your alley. (See also: This.)

Here's video of the Sunset Strip in 1964 to get you in the mood. (Via Vintage Los Angeles.)


[Women And Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter]

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