Chelsea's Wedding To Feature Luxury Porta Potties

Illustration for article titled Chelsea's Wedding To Feature Luxury Porta Potties

This weekend's MOST IMPORTANT WEDDING EVER will reportedly cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 to $5 million. Included in that hefty estimate are these deeeeluxe Porta-Potties, which cost around $15K. That's the price you pay for having Oprah attend.



Whatever you may think of the other wedding details, there's nothing Bridezilla about providing nice restrooms for you guests. A *real* Bridezilla would have a diamond-encrusted [insert designer here] gown and a 10-decker Syliva Weinstock cake and Andrea Bocelli singing "Ave Maria" and 100 bridesmaids and get cheap-ass plastic Porta-potties to save a few bucks. Chelsea has class.