Chelsea Handler Uses 12 Years a Slave to Plug Uganda Be Kidding Me

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While the rest of us were rejoicing for 12 Years a Slave's wins for Best Supporting Actress and Best Picture, Chelsea Handler was benefitting from the good news to promote Uganda Be Kidding Me, a schtick-y travelogue.


To make things even more confusing, these tweets came from the Huffington Post Twitter account, which just added to the Why? of it all.

After Lupita Nyong'o's win:

And after Best Picture:

Some angry tweets in response:


Sounds like Ms. Handler, right? But why was The Huffington Post seemingly tweeting these alienating jokes on her behalf? It seems like HuffPo let her run their Twitter for the night, though who knows for sure. What's clear is besides those head-shaking 12 Years a Slave tweets, HuffPo followers were treated to a bunch of other jokes that happened to be in that trademark racist/hacky Handler style.


The capper?


You forgot the #notsorry part, Chelsea!

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Please do not skip over one of the worst one. I know a lot of people are going to defend her because she is a comedian, but comeon, she is tasteless and cheap. I would never in a million years read her book, and I am considering staying off of HuffPo forever now...because really? this was some bullshit.