Chelsea Handler Really, Really, Really Wants a Network Late Night Show

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Last week, CBS announced that Stephen Colbert would be taking over for David Letterman as host of The Late Show, ending a week of wild speculation and shortlist making. But for Chelsea Handler, who some suspected was angling for Dave's old job, it's far from over.


According to The Wrap, after Colbert was given the nod to take over The Late Show, Handler began angling for Craig Ferguson's 12:30 time slot. CBS has confirmed that Handler is meeting with the network this week about a syndicated show and denying that they're discussing the Ferguson time slot with Handler. Someone close to Handler, meanwhile, told The Wrap that Chelsea and CBS brass are definitely going to talk about giving Chelsea a late night show.

Handler's certainly not being shy about hyping herself as a possible Ferguson replacement. Yesterday, she tweeted a (super cute) picture of her dog sitting on her lap as a very visible stack of CBS logo-emblazoned official looking paperwork sat in the foreground. And whatever "insider" is speaking to The Wrap insists that she's in talks with several other big name suitors about potential gigs after her contract with E! runs out — CNN, Netflix, Sirius, and FX, which Netflix has denied. Quiet negotiations or calculated PR campaign? Either way, I'm for it.

I haven't loved everything Handler's ever done, but I have to respect her chutzpah in her pursuit of her next move. This is the sort of balls-to-the-wall Going For It ambition that career manuals For Women say we must do in order to climb the ladder. Handler's flying at the glass ceiling swinging. She's leaning so far in she might pitch off her seat. She's banging at the front door of the Boys Club and she's not going away until someone lets her in. And that's pretty damn admirable.



Fuck this noise, seriously. We all know that Aisha Tyler should be getting the next open spot.