Chelsea Handler Cracks Jokes About Michael & Kirk Douglas' Sex Lives

Chelsea Handler was on Leno last night, where she complained about being bumped by that "attention whore" Barack Obama, then distributed uncensored photos from her nude Allure shoot to Leno and Michael Douglas.

Handler more than lives up to the title of "Leno's Naughty Rival," bestowed on her by critic Caryn James in a post today on The Daily Beast. James writes:

Chelsea Lately is breaking up the boys' club of late-night, but that's the least of it. She's doing for pop culture what Jon Stewart's Daily Show does for-or to-the news. She sends up the idiocy of our obsession with Lohans and Kardashians while indulging our endless fascination with them, the way Stewart mocks the media's lunacy while giving us some updates we can really use.


Chelsea Handler: Leno's Naughty Rival [The Daily Beast]

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