Chelsea Handler Announces She's Ending Her Netflix Talk Show to Focus on Becoming a More 'Engaged Citizen'

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On Wednesday, comedian Chelsea Handler explained to fans that she has declined to renew her Netflix talk show, Chelsea, for a third season in order to spend more time on activism projects she finds (more?) personally fulfilling. Sounds very cool!

Specifically, Handler wrote in a note posted to Twitter on Wednesday that she has “joined forces with EMILY’s List to elect more women to public office,” and plants to travel around the country to better understand “our political divide.” Handler and Netflix will also collaborate on a political documentary sometime in the future, according to the statement. Needless to say, her decision was influenced by how deeply shitty the current administration is.


The Hollywood Reporter’s write-up of the show’s demise indicates that Netflix canceled the show and is “pushing further into other talk-show fare,” which includes forthcoming David Letterman and Bill Nye projects. Admittedly, Handler’s show got off to a “rocky start” and sometimes received unenthusiastic reviews. 

But whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, I’m encouraged to see Handler giving herself the leeway to pursue something a bit new for her, and that she seems passionate about. Sometimes the news can be good.

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