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Cheers to This Fellow Fleeing the Scene at London Bridge, Pint in Hand

Even by recent standards, this weekend was an especially heavy one. We’re mourning with London for the horrors they endured on Saturday. We continue to hold Manchester close as they recuperate from the calamity visited upon them not even two weeks ago. We condemn Donald Trump as he blithely dooms the entire fucking planet.


But at least we’ve got this guy.

The Associated Press released footage of people fleeing the scene at London Bridge, among them one fellow heading to safety with a pint of beer in hand. He’s a man after my own heart: I wouldn’t leave a British ale (or cider!) behind either. And surely he wasn’t the only one who needed a drink as the night unfolded.


To be clear: this is not a way of diminishing yesterday’s tragedy. At least seven people are dead and nearly 50 injured—there’s no room for humor there. But perhaps we can muster a tear-soaked belly laugh at this little glimmer of defiance. One of terrorism’s primary aims is to mangle every aspect of our lives—to imbue them so fully with fear that we no longer know pleasure. But this guy’s impudent gesture, however small and silly, illuminates human tenacity among the wreck.

Cheers, pal. And to everyone else, sleep well. We’ll try again tomorrow.

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