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My darlings. My poppets. We’ve had a long and wretched week, haven’t we? I spent election night sobbing into consecutive glasses of pinot grigio, texting professions of love to friends as if doomsday were nigh (if I missed you, my apologies — I was sorely distressed). In fact, I might still be drinking inside of a pillow fort if it weren’t for the glorious proliferation of Prankster Joe Biden memes.

According to Refinery 29, we have Twitter user Josh Billinson to thank for the best of these memes. The premise is simple: Billinson takes photos of Biden and President Obama and creates dialogue. In each case, Biden proposes a way to prank president-elect Donald Trump, and Obama—the straight man—gently scolds him.

It’s funny because it doesn’t seem that implausible.

Others have joined the fun.

But we know that Uncle Joe himself is capable of eliciting a hearty laugh. Observe his reactions as Obama addresses the nation from the White House rose garden, publicly acknowledging Trump as president-elect. (The score is an excellent touch.)

Shit is bad, pals. In a matter of months, a racist misogynist squash will be sworn in as President of the United States. We must do everything in our power to preserve our liberties and to keep one another safe — especially those most endangered by a Trump presidency. But whenever we take a break, Uncle Joe is here for us.

Photo Credit: Getty Images