Today is Meryl Streep’s birthday! That’s right, there are now 66 candles on her birthday cake and three Oscars on her mantel. You probably weren’t invited to her birthday bash—held last night at her and Don’s beautiful home—but I was*. It was a perfect evening filled with fun, friends, and countless outfit changes for Ms. Streep. Lucky for you, I took plenty of photographs.

As we entered, she chose to welcome all her guests.

Once everyone had arrived, she decided to take a moment to explain why she is so deserving of such good friends.

A few drinks in, Mer asked every guest for a cigarette, but no one had any...Until she asked Gwyneth.


Oh my god, this was so funny. Meryl started insulting the outfit Amal Clooney was wearing, and after the room went silent, Meryl was like, “Psych!!!” And then they hugged and took shots of tequila.


Uh oh - here she is smoking again. After I snapped this pic, she screamed, “I promise I only smoke when I’m drinking!” Hahaha. Sure, Meryl!

Near the end of the party Meryl asked everyone to help her reenact her 2012 Oscar win (for The Iron Lady). We thought she was kidding until she pulled out a gun.


But don’t worry! It ended up being a squirt gun, and after she sprayed everyone with water we all had a big laugh. But then she was all, “No seriously, help me reenact the 2012 Oscars.” So she changed clothes (again) and we did as we were told.


Once Don stopped crying, she grabbed her guitar and played us a few songs. During the performance I found Grace Gummer and said, “Your mom can do anything. You must be so proud of her.” She asked, “Who the hell are you?” and walked away.

After the musical performance, she asked us all to leave. Then she asked me to return her copy of the Ricki and the Flash screenplay, which I did. Reluctantly. What a night!


*I was not invited and did not attend Meryl Streep’s birthday party.

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