Check Out the Cover of Abbi Jacobson's New Book, Which Imagines the Contents of Famous People's Bags

Abbi Jacobson, the half of Broad City responsible for the show’s titles, interstitials, and most iconic blue bandage dress, is publishing her third book this fall. Her first release not meant to be colored in, Carry This Book imagines the objects found in the bags of famous people like Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Bernie Madoff. In short, it’s illustrated fanfiction.

If I had been featured in Carry This Book, my page would include illustrations of several Tide To Go pens, a Kindle, a koozie, loose rainbow-colored Tums, and the rent check I just remembered I forgot to drop in the mailbox this morning.


You can take a look at the cover art below.

Her illustrations reminds me of Broad City, which reminds me of that episode from last season where they all got stuck in a closet on that boat, and now I’m laughing out loud.

Carry This Book hits bookstores October 11.

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