Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land, on the scene since 2008, has made a name for herself with rich, textured arrangements and quirky Scandinavian electro-flourishes. Today, we're premiering the entirely homemade video for "Flags," a pulsing, shimmering single off her fourth album, Earth Sick.

Oh Land, whose real name is Nanna Øland Fabricius, began a career in music after being sidelined by a ballet injury; she released her first album, Fauna, at 22. She described the inspiration behind Earth Sick to Billboard back in 2014:

"The album is themed around the feeling of longing — longing to fulfill your dreams, longing for your love on a long distance call...astronauts often get earth sick' when they return to earth. Their bodies simply have to adjust to gravity again and they have to slowly get used to being Earthlings again. With this album I look at my own little world from my own little space and imagine what I would change."


The video for "Flags" does a lovely job reflecting that concept, as Oh Land manages to turn a single sheet of cardboard into vibrant, slightly trippy landscape.

Earth Sick is out digitally and on CD and vinyl; the album is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. You can also stream the MS MR remix for another single, "Head Up High," right here.