Check Out Dame Judi Dench's Miniature Fidget Spinner

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

I’m very impressed with Dame Judi Dench these days. Last week she was gushing about her love of naughty knickers and on Monday she came up on the Internet’s radar once more for her skillful handling of a tiny fidget spinner.

The fidget spinner came out during an interview Dench did with USA Today while promoting her new film Victoria & Abdul at the Toronto International Film Festival. Dench’s co-star Ali Fazal brought it up first, telling the publication, “She owns a fidget spinner. Judi Dench owns a fidget spinner! It’s the coolest damn thing.” At which pint Dench procured the spinner from her purse, adding, “My grandson gave it to me.”


I didn’t even realize fidget spinners came so small. Frustratingly small in my opinion, built for coordinated hamsters or Donald Trump—but certainly not for idle human fingers. I just don’t know how Dame Judi does it.

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I just don’t know how Dame Judi does it.

Because she a QUEEN!!!