Charming Great British Bake Off Winner Nadiya Hussain Is Sticking With the BBC Too

Yet another prominent Bake Off personality will be sticking with the BBC rather than following the franchise to Channel 4: Last season’s winner, Nadiya Hussain.


So says the Guardian. For a bit, after news emerged that Mel, Sue, and Mary Berry were bailing on Bake Off to stick with the BBC and only Paul Hollywood would make the jump to Channel 4, there was some talk of Hussain as a potential replacement for Berry. But it would seem the BBC got out the checkbook and cut a deal with Hussain to develop new projects, as well as making more films for The One Show like The Chronicles of Nadiya, a two-parter she’s already done exploring her Bangladeshi roots.

The Guardian explains:

The BBC is thought to be considering shows to replace the Great British Bake Off and Hussein could make a popular host. Her victory in the final of last season’s Bake Off was the most-watched programme of 2015, pulling in more than 13 million viewers.

In a statement Hussain said: “Since winning The Great British Bake Off I’ve been lucky to have had some amazing opportunities with the BBC. I believe that making it my home gives me the scope to work across such a unique range of diverse and interesting projects.”

“I’m delighted to announce that I will continue making films for The One Show as well as developing other exciting programme ideas. I never thought this would happen, but it is and I have to admit, I’m going to embrace it.”

And the cheese (Paul Hollywood) stands alone.

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Nadiya is so lovely. She was so speechless at winning and you felt such joy for her.

The GBBO was a wonderful show. It took me a few episodes to really get the feel of it. I kept waiting for the typical drama and it was nothing but people baking, Mel and Sue having fun with everyone, and Paul and Mary judging the results.