Charlize Theron Reportedly Negotiated Equal Pay For Upcoming Movie

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We learned so much from the Sony hack, so many things that we might have already known: that Channing Tatum sends emails, that Aaron Sorkin is an awful human being, and that in-demand actresses still get paid less than their male co-stars.


Charlize Theron seems to have taken note of that part about unequal pay. According to Page Six, the actress negotiated a pay raise for her upcoming movie, The Huntsman. The raise, rumored to be worth more than $10 million, means that Theron will be paid the same as her co-star, Chris Hemsworth. (Maybe the real groundbreaking news is that Theron was offered less than a Hemsworth brother to begin with?) The Huntsman is a prequel to the 2012 movie Snow White and the Huntsman — Theron will revive her role as the world's best dressed evil queen, Ravenna.

"One knock-on effect from the Sony hacking scandal is that there will be more sensitivity about equal pay for actresses and hiring practices at movie studios," a source told Page Six. So, thanks North Korea or whatever entity/state was responsible (pick your theory) for that accidental side effect.


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Charlize Theron was going to get paid less than Chris Hemsworth?