Charlize Theron On Hot Atomic Blonde Sex Scene: 'Being Naked Is Nothing'

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

You may have already seen the trailer for Charlize Theron’s latest film, Atomic Blonde—it’s gritty, impudent, and impossibly sexy. And because the trailer incorporates shots of Theron’s character romping in bed with a French operative, played by Sofia Boutella, everybody is very excited to ask the star about lesbian sex.


Theron, however, addresses the scene candidly. On Sunday, during an appearance at SXSW, she was asked about “seducing” her co-star.

“Seducing her? It’s very easy, she’s gorgeous!” Theron told ET Canada. “She was just great. She was the only actress that we looked at. She came over, she hung out with me and [director] Dave, and there was something about her that was so genuinely innocent and yet incredibly strong, that she was really perfect for the film.”

In fact, Theron is confident that their chemistry could not be matched.

“I can’t imagine anyone else doing it,” she says. “She’s a dancer, I’m a dancer. So, we’re a little bit like—you know dancers are like, ‘What? Being naked is nothing.’ We just wanted it to be real and cool.’”

The spy thriller arrives in theaters on July 28, and it looks truly badass. Or rather, Theron’s character appears to be a badass who bests men in combat and conversation, and takes pleasure when she wants it. I can’t wait.

You can watch the trailer below, but do take note: it’s fairly bloody.

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Oh, it’s also delightful that Witherspoon’s mother calls the show “Little Lies.”

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Charlize has had a really impressive arc as an actress thus far. She went from being eye-candy, to romantic interest, to dramatic actress, to kick ass action star. I’m not her agent, but she should do a few comedies next. Not rom-coms with, say Kevin James, but with her as the focus.

I’m sure she needs my advice. /s

I like her as an actress. She always surprises.