Charlize Theron Is Perfectly Happy Being Unmarried At 38, Thank You

The impossibly beautiful and talented Charlize Theron, who probably poops organic whipped cream, has what many would consider a perfect life. Even — gasp! — without a husband.

In an interview with EsquireUK, the actress was asked, like generations of actresses before her, about her husband. Or lack thereof. In response, she said,

I'm sure there's a lot of aspects to my life that a lot of people wouldn't want. [...] Just personal choice things. Like the fact that I'm single at 38. That's not necessarily what a lot of women want. [...] I mean unmarried. But I'm just saying, a life is good if it's the life that you want.


Be happy and ignore bullshit signposts that you're not sure are for you. Great advice from a woman who, in my mind, is really Rita from Arrested Development.

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