Charlie Sheen Calls Kim Kardashian's Ass "Giggly," Among Other Insults

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America's favorite cokehead, Charlie Sheen, took to the Twitters to lambast Kim Kardashian for allegedly turning down a 6-year old's autograph request, calling her ass a "giggly bag of funk" (that she "dare call an ass"!) and telling her to "go f yourself" before taking a quick swipe at Kanye West, signing off as "c", and then deleting the posts, as washed-up addicts who haven't quite gotten the hang of social media tend to do.


It's unclear whether Kim Kardashian even knows who Charlie Sheen is, though Hollywood Life sources claim Kanye West has called Charlie an "idiot" in response, along with the hope that he "lays off the drugs."


Photo credit: Daily Mail

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Way to Go, Charlie. You've managed to make a Kardashian look mature and dignified in comparison.