Saatchi Art Sells Paintings of Charles Saatchi Choking Nigella Lawson

In a display of such good taste, artists on Saatchi Art are hawking pieces depicting Charles Saatchi choking his ex-wife Nigella Lawson because, art.

Frankly, after seeing the Buzzfeed post, I thought for sure Saatchi Art, an online platform for where artists around the world can sell their wares, would’ve realized their endorsement of violence and removed the paintings, drawings and cutting board (?) from their site, but no. Shockingly, the images of Charles abusing Nigella, based on a real incident captured on camera during the now-divorced couple’s dinner at a restaurant when Saatchi grabbed Nigella by the neck, are still on website.


Charles Saatchi said removal of the artwork would be “censorship.” He added: “Would it have been a better story if I had censored artists whose work might be personally disobliging?”


Um, okay. The site says artists can't post images that are "violent or threatening, or promotes violence" but for $30,000 you can purchase the very picture of domestic abuse.

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