Charla Nash on Her Experimental Face Transplant Follow-Up Care: 'The Study Is Not a Failure'

Charla Nash, who survived a devastating chimp attack and underwent a groundbreaking face transplant, has given an interview about the latest developments in the experimental treatments that followed.

Nash sat down Wednesday with Meredith Vieira for the Today show. “This one biopsy said a slight rejection,” Nash explained. She was participating in an experimental Pentagon program, which attempted to wean her off the longterm use of anti-rejection drugs (which come with the risk of side effects). The ultimate goal is to pioneer better treatments for wounded vets; Nash said that she signed up knowing that “it would help all the servicemen and women.”


Nash will return to her previous drug regimen, which should halt any rejection. “But the study is not a failure,” she said. “It’s a success. They’ve learned so much from all my testing.”

“I never thought I’d be like this,” said Nash of her recovery so far.

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