Channing Tatum's Crotch Is Coming Soon

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You might be interested in this. It's a new promotional poster for the Magic Mike XXL sequel and it features Channing Tatum pointing at something.


He's pointing at his package and the word "COMING." Because the movie is coming soon. It sure is. Something is coming. It's just a tease, though. Tatum posted a cryptic tweet implying that some people will be able to touch something tomorrow. Can't wait.


Image via Warner Bros.

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I spent the first hour of Magic Mike waiting for the central plot to appear. Characters showed up, people said things, there was a chick who scowled a lot and some stuff happened (mostly stripping sequences). Once the credits rolled I was like, "Ohhhh, so there was no plot."

I would recommend anyone considering MMXXL adjust their expectations accordingly.

It might also help to Google Image "magic mike gif" to really get a sense of what you're in for.