Channing Tatum Is Worried About Rooney Mara's Meds in Side Effects

Sometimes in TV commercials for prescription drugs, the guy doing the quickly-paced voiceover will recite the side effects and kind of breeze right over the part that goes "in some instances death may occur." The new Steven Soderbergh movie, Side Effects (written by Scott Z. Burns) puts a whole new spin on miracle pills. " I can finally sleep, I have some energy, we had sex," Mara's character enthuses. Cut to: "911 what's your emergency?" Welcome to Ablixa! And welcome to yet another Tatum/Soderbergh project, after Haywire and Magic Mike. This one doesn't seem to have any hip gyrating, but you never know.


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Meanwhile back at the hospital, I'm mopping up the fourth pool of vomit and second soiled bedsheet. What, real life side-effects not sexy enough for ya?