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Channing Tatum Got Joe Manganiello Naked “As Much As Possible" for XXL

Illustration for article titled Channing Tatum Got Joe Manganiello Naked “As Much As Possible for emXXL/em

Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the critically acclaimed (and by critically I mean vaginally, ayyyy, sigh I'm sorry I'll leave now) Magic Mike doesn't come out til summer of 2015, but Channing Tatum can barely contain his excitement for the upcoming "stripper odyssey." His words, not mine.


Tatum sat down with Time to talk Foxcatcher and of course Magic Mike XXL, which he was pretty darned excited to film, basically admitting he used the second film as an excuse to hang out with the cast again. Not that I blame him. He stated:

I was like, 'If we get to make a second one, that's what it will be. It will just be a guy's story, but made for women.'

TIME: And gay men, surely.

Tatum: True. It's for all! You'll see — we serviced that as well, in a way. [pauses] I'm choosing my words very stupidly. [laughs] One of our first stops is at a drag club on our odyssey. We call it a stripper odyssey because it's a traveling band of strippers. This movie is a lot more fun. In the first movie, we were obligated to show the underbelly — the pitfalls and dangers of being in that world. In this one, we kicked off a lot of the darkness. We're going to have a lot of fun on the road together. Hopefully you're going to care about these guys, and then get to see a lot of ridiculous nakedness and stupidity.

TIME: That's what America wants.

Tatum: We got Joe Manganiello naked as much as possible. Everyone in the world: you're welcome.


Wait wait wait wait. "Traveling band of strippers." Okay, I'm good now.

Image via AP.

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Sir Halffast

"Traveling band of strippers" sounds like a twist on the old western. Surely they could have been more creative with the name...

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Etc. etc. etc. I'll be here all week...