Channing Tatum Dressed As an Old Dude for a Magic Mike Prank

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Yes, that’s Channing Tatum dressed as a balding, middle-aged marketing executive named Scott Hasley, ready to surprise fans at a Magic Mike XXL screening.


Tatum went undercover in this dadbod uniform to promote the Magic Mike sequel and announce a contest. In the video below, the actor interviews fans at a test screening to gather market “research” for the movie—props to the guy who says he’d like to see “some full-frontal nudity for once,” by the way.

The prank is also part of a contest with charity organizers Omaze wherein the winner gets a premiere package ;) that includes a red carpet ride with Tatum and a luxury spa day.


Watch below as Tatum reveals his identity and performs for the audience with a bunch of strippers. He also throws roses into the crowd and I really hope they didn’t have thorns on them.

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The Noble Renard

I just... I just have much more of a dude crush on Robert Downey Jr. than on beefcake like Channing Tatum. My GF thinks I’m nuts, but WHATEVS.