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Chanel Kindly Offers To Sell You Cotton Balls for $20

Illustration for article titled Chanel Kindly Offers To Sell You Cotton Balls for $20

Hey there, moneybags! Were you standing in your bathroom this morning, staring at the priceless antique jar you fill with cotton balls, thinking to yourself, "These little wads of cotton just aren't soft enough for my fine face. If only there was something more luxurious I could invest in"? Well, it's your lucky day! Chanel has just the solution for you: Le Coton, "an exquisitely soft tri-layer pad developed in Japan."


It may look like a regular cotton pad embossed with the Chanel logo, but it is actually so much more:

It's outer lining, made from delicate, handpicked Egyptian cotton, and its inner filling, comprised of lightly entwined, elastic Australian fibers. Combined, this ultra-absorbent, lint-free composition increases the effectiveness of CHANEL Cleansers and Toners, treating even the most sensitive skin to unparalleled gentleness.


For a mere twenty American dollars, you can own 100 of these "generously sized" Le Coton pads. For those of you who are too rich to be bothered with math, that breaks down to roughly 20 cents per pad. For reference, you can buy 80 lowbrow Swissper's Cotton Rounds for roughly two dollars, or 2.5 cents per pad.

Of course there is simply no luxury in that, and the truth is you will pay whatever you have to in order to have the Chanel Le Coton experience. You could never deny yourself the smooth caresses of Egyptian cotton floating majestically over your flawless face or the joy of watching the precious dirt and leftover foundation from your face build up in the tiny corners of the timeless Chanel logo.

[Via Nylon]

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Do people actually use cotton pads to wash off their makeup? I've just been doing that in the shower. Drat, now I need to re-think my whole makeup routine!