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Chaka Khan says she’s checked into rehab for addiction to prescription pain medication, citing Prince’s death as a strong influence for her getting help.


In a statement issued to Associated Press on Sunday, Khan revealed her long-running addiction to the painkiller fentanyl, the same drug that medical officials say was the cause of Prince’s death, via accidental overdose.

Both Khan and her sister Yvonne Stevens (aka Taka Boom) are seeking rehab to fight the addiction. “The tragic death of Prince has had us both rethinking and reevaluating our lives and priorities,” Khan said in the statement. “We knew it was time to take action to save our lives. My sister and I would like to thank everyone for their support, love and prayers.”


Several of Khan’s summer concert dates will be cancelled or postponed as result. “It’s vital that I put my health and well-being first,” she says. “I know that I am disappointing some of my fans, but I also know they would want me to recover and be well and healthy.”

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