Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Had to Do Some Quick Googling to Use It 


Sister Margaret Ann, the nun filmed in a full habit taking a chainsaw to debris from Hurricane Irma, had to turn to Google to figure out how to use the thing. Let she who has never been forced to rely upon the how-to sites of the internet cast the first stone.

The Associated Press spoke to Sister Margaret Ann, who is principal of Miami’s Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School. “I actually had to Google it to find out how to start it because I’d forgotten how,” she explained. “The students have told me everything is online, sister; just ask the question online.” Like any other woman who’s ever done anything online, she has since received a bunch of corrections on proper use.

But Sister Margaret Ann was just happy to offer the world a different glimpse at nuns: “The students are telling me, they are saying, ‘Sister, you’re no wimp. You’ll get out there and work with us.’ And that is really the way it should be, and that’s the way sisters really are. We are not just sitting back praying, or asking other people, or begging for money or anything like that.”

Though, honestly, getting out in the front yard with a chainsaw fits pretty nicely with popular stereotypes about the nuns who run parochial schools.

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