Centenarian Wins Gold Medal in 100-Meter Dash

Here’s an inspiring story that’ll turn your morning donut to ashes in your mouth and perhaps even propel you into the gym: A hundred-year-old woman just won a gold medal in the 100-meter dash in her age category at the American Masters Games.

The AP writes about the exploits of India’s Man Kaur, who came to the international competition in Vancouver ready to win. (By the time she lined up for the 100-meter, she’d already racked up medals for javelin and shot put.) The Masters Games are designed for competitors over 30, but even so, Kaur was among the oldest. Her 78-year-old son Gurdev Singh—also competing—explained that, “When she wins, she goes back to India, and she’s excited to tell others, ‘I have won so many medals from this country.’” He added that, “Winning makes her happy.”

Admittedly, Kaur was the only woman competing in her age category—a 101-year-old man also went home with gold, CTV reported—and it took her nearly a minute and a half to run the 100 meters. But she’s a hundred fucking years old and she didn’t even start running until she was 93, so we’re all pretty much getting smoked by this centenarian.

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We watched this in the news yesterday. She and her son were so sweet. I’m pretty sure she still runs faster than me