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Centenarian Attributes Longevity to Cigarettes and Bananas

Your Friday morning inspiration: This Scottish woman who just turned 102, having smoked for decades and begun drinking a nightly Chardonnay in her 90s.


Glasgow’s Evening Times marks the birthday of Maysie Strang. “Her mobility isn’t great but that’s it really. There’s been no real decline,” said her 65-year old son Sandy. “It’s absurd really.” He added:

“She always said (her secret) was cigarettes and bananas. She broke her femur in her 90s and spent a month in hospital and the only real negative was that she couldn’t smoke.

“When she came out, she took up drinking and still enjoys a glass of Chardonnay every night before she retires.”


Both habits dated all the way back to her youth working in newspapers, a terrifying fact for those bloggers who’ve developed incredibly poor posture and a desk salad habit (am I just gonna be like this... forever?):

The fruit habit started when she worked in journalism as an editor’s secretary at the Daily Express, ‘always smoking at her typewriter.’

Often rushing to tight deadlines, she would eat a banana as a quick lunch and the practice stayed with her.

She also worked into her 70s, despite the fact she worked at a hospital where the required retirement age was apparently, at the time, 65. “When they found out, they said, ‘there must be some mistake?’” Said Sandy. “She had to pack up her bags and go. She was quite blase about it all.”

Cheers, Maysie.

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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This woman looks badass and I would like to share a drink with her. Happy Birthday, Maysie!