Celine Dion Told a Touching Story About Watching American TV With René While He Was Sick

Two weeks after the public wake for René Angelil, during which she greeted hundreds of Montreal mourners, Celine Dion returned to her sometimes home of Las Vegas for another memorial. The service, held in Caesars Palace, was nearly three hours long and was streamed live online.

After speeches from friends like David Foster and Robin Leach, Dion approached the podium and gave a heartfelt eulogy for her late husband.


She said:

Rene never hated anyone. Is it possible someone loves everybody? I don’t think so. But he never told me a person he disliked… Time was precious to him. He loved life so much, so very much.

But in addition to the more heart-wrenching statements, she told a charming story about watching football and game shows with Angelil during his final years.

I would say ‘touchdown’ when it was not time. I would say things that were not appropriate...I wasn’t sure what I was watching. I was not watching. I was looking! I was looking. I was looking... for the remote control. I couldn’t find the remote control. He had all the control.


She then revealed how emotional he would get while watching The Price Is Right.

He thought I was so good—I knew the prices for everything. I’m the one who orders the stuff online, so I know what I’m talking about... He was crying when the person at the end of The Price Is Right won the showcase. ‘A brand new car and a trip to Hawaii!’ The person was winning and he was like, ‘I’m so happy for them!’

Rene always made people feel so good.

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