Celebs Are Still Desperately Trying to Get Hamilton Tickets From Lin-Manuel Miranda

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In a kind of fun throwback moment, Los Angeles is now going mad with Hamilton fever, with celebrities crawling all over Lin-Manuel Miranda for a ticket. It seems like just yesterday that New Yorkers were blocking traffic for a glimpse of him. Ah, memories.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, lots of unnamed but very important people desperately want to get into the production’s new run at the Pantages Theater, which began Wednesday and only goes through the end of the year. For some reason, THR asked which important person Miranda would most like to sit silently in the dark and watch his show, and he was hesitant to name names, saying that would give them ideas:

“It’s hard to pick, especially because I know the request list is so crazy already, so if I say a name, I don’t want that person to be like, ‘Great, I’ll take 12 tickets!’” laughed Miranda.

Obviously, director Thomas Kail is inundated with requests, but no one is safe from West Coast ticket thirst. Set designer David Korins says he also feels the pressure and has had to change his email address. Kail described their delicate dance when it comes to handing out tickets without offending anyone (though I am 100 percent sure people get offended anyway):

“If you can help facilitate then you do, but saying yes to one person and no to somebody else becomes a slippery slope. So you make a ground rule of what the ring is. Someone asking for tickets for their friend that they like a lot but you’ve never met is probably not going to get very far. I’d rather somebody I’ve never met at all who is working hard get that seat. That and then change your email address.”

Reading these anecdotes, I assumed that Los Angeles was experiencing something New York theater goers had grown out of, especially since Miranda left the show along with many other favorites. Wrong. No one wants it more than we do. Korins told THR that two years later, he still gets 30-40 inquiries for the Broadway production a day. Why does everyone go for the set designer? Can’t even imagine what the ushers are experiencing.

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Look, I shelled out $700 for 3 Hamilton tickets 9 months ago and in the time that it takes to make another human being I saved up to pay for the plane tickets and hotel room for this performance in 3 weeks. Celebrities can just get in line like the rest of us.