What are the famous folk up to on our nation’s day of independence? Seeing as we’re liable to froth at the mouth with envy, do we even want to know? (We do.)

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are bopping around a pool at the Revolve Fourth of July Hamptons bash. But then, it’s awfully hard to begrudge these two anything.

I mean:

Luda is on his way to Cuba for a performance at Guantánamo Bay. As the headliner for the “Freedom Festival,” he’ll be the first rapper to perform at the U.S. Naval Base. This is pretty sweet, though it’s worth bearing in mind that detainees will not be able to hear the concert.

Amy Schumer is ironically performing patriotism on the beach. Very on brand, Amy, carry on.

It’s unclear whether January Jones is also at the beach, or if she’s in a pool — either way, she seems delighted to be there.

Samira Wiley is celebrating American independence by visiting Canada (fair). She’s repping Orange Is the New Black at Toronto Pride with Selenis Leyva, Dascha Polanco, Diane Guerrero, and Jackie Cruz.

Rihanna is wearing some extraordinary boots and carrying a purse with an aesthetic that gives me pause — but I’m not here to judge Rihanna’s decisions. Are any of us, really?

Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped a teaser for a new collaboration. The proceeds will benefit victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting, ensuring that mental health services are available to all who need them with providers who are bilingual and sensitive to cultural difference.

So in fact, this is very lovely.

Miley is be-glittered and be-pigtailed, and she has donned her pup—who seems very enthusiastic, indeed—in patriotic apparel.

Oh, and LeBron James? He’s watching The Godfather.

Images via Instagram.