Celebrities Hate the Met Gala, Each Other

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Celebrities and fashion people: they’re just like us! In the sense that they hate putting on clothes and going outside, that is, and also that they love to talk shit about one another. Such is revealed in a BOMBSHELL REPORT declaring that the upcoming Met Gala is a “tedious” “boring” affair full of Mean Girls-esque social climbers in heavy dresses. And no one even gets to take home an award!


The BOMBSHELL REPORT comes courtesy of Page Six, according to which the Met Gala—which will take place on Monday night—is a rather unpleasant affair. Apparently, people think it’s cliquey nightmare, right down to the invites, which are lorded over by Vogue editor Anna Wintour as if they’re tickets to 2016 Hamilton, and if you do a weird sneeze near her you will definitely be shunned. And if you do get an invite, you’ve got to contend with snooty fashion people, celebrities, and Kylie Jenner, all of whom end up smoking in the Met bathroom and presumably scrawling, “FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL GWYNETH” on the stall doors. “The overall ambience isn’t super friendly,” one Hollywood handler told the tabloid. “If you walk into the girls bathroom, all the celebrities are hanging out together, smoking together and ignoring everyone else.”

That’s a nightmare, I guess, or just ninth grade—but my favorite scoop here is that one of the reasons celebrities hate the event is that they can’t bring their PR people, which means they live in fear of suffering an errant outfit malfunction or extemporaneous on-the-record comment, how delightfully risky! “[Vogue] claims they have enough people to walk your clients up because they hire KCD [a public relations firm] for the party,” the handler told Page Six. “The problem is, KCD doesn’t know the clients. And clients pay publicists for a reason — because there is five, 10 years of comfort built up.”

So, the Met Gala is a who’s who of scary mean people in fancy clothes, and you can’t even bring your paid friend with you to make sure you don’t say bad shit about the Pope (this year’s theme, after all, is “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”) None of this information is particularly new, of course, since people have been talking about how much they hate the Met Gala for some time now. In 2016, Amy Schumer told Howard Stern the event was “people doing an impression of having a conversation,” and in past years Demi Lovato and Tina Fey have openly bashed the event as well, calling it, “a jerk parade” (Fey) and full of people who were “fake and sucking the fashion industry’s dick,” (Lovato).

Still, it’s always nice of Page Six to provide us with an annual reminder that extravagant rich people really are as terrible as they seem.




Let me ask- is there an all you can eat buffet heavily featuring bacon at the Met Gala? Is there an open bar with lots of whiskey and beer? No?

Hard pass.