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Today, we proud members of the Leggings Only community were aghast to learn of United Airlines’ crusade against acceptable pantlessness.

As you may have heard, three girls were forbidden from boarding a United Airlines plane in Denver, Colorado because they were wearing leggings (at least one of these girls was as young as 10). They ultimately were forced to change attire before being permitted to board.

United defended itself by claiming that “the traveler was a pass rider. As pass riders represent UA when they fly, they have a specific dress code.” A “pass rider” is a traveler who is generally an employee of the airline or an employee’s family member. They fly on either a comped or discounted ticket.

No matter. The absurdity of this so-called rule is clear, particularly in relation to children. Moreover, it’s a microaggression—yet another form of policing feminine bodies by designating them as inherently sexual. That United Airlines’s policy forcibly sexualizes children’s bodies is especially reprehensible.

Happily, a number of individuals with significant social media platforms have spoken out against today’s events.

Actress Patricia Arquette was especially incensed.

Both Andy Richter and William Shatner reminded us that they, too, enjoy tight-fitting bottoms.

And here’s the response nearest and dearest to my heart: