Celebrities Are In Their Snow Kingdom

Aspen. Image via Getty.
Aspen. Image via Getty.

The celebrities reliably flew into Aspen for their annual Dec 21st-Dec 31st parade, or, “hit the slopes,” and then generated a thousand bajillion slideshows like this:


Since there are so many hard-to-reach snowy destinations within a few hours’ charter flight from Los Angeles, many of these end with a question: “What is it about Aspen that keeps the celebrities coming back?”

Who knows, but the upshot is that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie get to appear in the same slideshow as Bella Hadid; Leonardo DiCaprio is out with his pussy posse hat on; Paris Hilton got an all-pink #AspenBarbie snow suit; Mariah Carey rides a ski lift with no skis and then says gee, people are skiing.

And Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are queen and king of Narnia.


Kendall Jenner posted a photo including a three-dimensional stomach area this weekend, and if you were wondering, yes: there was food in it!! Congratulations to Kendall Jenner on her food baby!!

Earlier this week, Instagram star Celina Powell captioned a sonogram claiming with “1000% certainty” that she’s pregnant by Cardi B’s fiancé Offset. TMZ is screaming and on fire.


According to TMZ, Offset’s lawyers claim that she’s trying to extort him for $50,000, offering to get an abortion in return. His lawyers have sent her a cease and desist, which she will not.


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Alright, Goldie and Kurt, longtime mountain friends, can stay (Melanie too) but no more newbies. And this is not a “no transplants” thing, I’m just tired of “!!! Famous people in Aspen” stories. Although this year we may have jumped the shark, Rita Ora is now onboard.

Signed, grumpy Coloradan