Celebrating Kris Jenner, the Mother of America's First Family

As Kim’s mother, she wanted to kill her, but as her manager, she leveraged one news cycle into an insanely lucrative family business.

Kris Jenner is many things; manager, entrepreneur, reality TV star, and of course, mother to the Kardashian-Jenner clan.


Her children may all be independently mega-rich influencers now—but whether telling them that she wants her remains turned into a diamond to be displayed in their homes or reminding Kim of the proper selfie decorum when her sister is going to jail, Jenner has never stopped mom-ing them to death.

Join Jezebel in celebrating the woman whose children we simply cannot seem to escape. Happy Mother’s Day, Kris Jenner.


Producer: Lisa Fischer Editor: Michael Pasquariello

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I know people who have worked with her, and they say no one works harder than that woman. She gets up at 4am every day and starts calls. I remember seeing some of the people coming in exhausted from a 2 hour, 6am phone call with Kris.