I mean, believe me, lady. We're all hoping that Cee Lo does not turn out to be a sex criminal, so that he can go on being a 400% lovable Weeble person cranking out hilarious nonstop jams. BUT. I'm not sure your position as "eliminated former Voice contestant" qualifies you to soothsay about criminal penis activity. Of this nature. You know. But anyway, take it away, lady:

42-year-old Terisa Griffin — who was eliminated from Cee Lo's team last week — tells TMZ, "He was a lot of fun and even complimented me on my engagement ring. Cee Lo was extremely professional, not a drop of disrespect."

Teresa adds, "I was shocked to hear about the investigation."

As we first reported, Cee Lo is currently the target in a sexual battery investigation, after a woman claims the singer drugged her and then sexually assaulted her.

Gross. Don't say "drop." [TMZ]


Brooke Burke Charvet is suffering from thyroid cancer, she announced today on her blog:

"Long story. I got my results back and they were not good," she said in the video posted on her ModernMom blog. "I need to have thyroid surgery, which means that I am going to have a nice big scar, right here, across my neck."

The 41-year-old actress says she feels optimistic. "I feel really good… I've never felt better, that's what's so crazy about this whole thing" and vows to "make a positive out of this negative thing."


Best of luck to her. [NYDN]


James Bond is never ever ever going to go gay, says Daniel Craig:

"No," Craig said when I asked if he could ever imagine a "gay James Bond."


"Because he's not gay," he said. "And I don't think Javier's character is either-I think he'd f—k anything."


Whatever, dude. NO GAY JAMES BOND OF MINE'S A NOT GAY!!! [E!]

  • Justin Bieber is donating some ticket sales to Sandy relief. [MTV]
  • It's Jack Osbourne's birthday! And "despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in June, the now-27-year-old star still has lots to celebrate." Hey, how about we leave the degenerative disease diagnosis OUT of the birthday greetings? #brainstorming [E!]
  • Javier Bardem got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [E!]
  • Lady Gaga stood on a balcony in a shirt and her crotch showed kinda. Wait. This morning she was topless on a balcony. Almost there, Gagz. [DailyMail]
  • I'm not watching it, so. "Miley Cyrus Gets Surprise Lap Dance." [News.au]
  • Oh god. Taylor Swift made a sexy photo book with noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. [EW]
  • Kristen Stewart says she's "creeped out" by Fifty Shades of Grey. [ContactMusic]
  • Susan Sarandon is totally shopping for engagement rings, says the wild speculation of some tabloid. [ContactMusic]
  • "RZA Says Wu-Tang 'Never Fully Displayed' Their Power." What is the hidden power!?!? Is it Fire? Water? Air? Earth? Ugh, it's not Heart, is it? TELL ME IT'S NOT HEART. Nerd. [MTV]
  • Yup. Pretty much. [MeAllWeek]