CBS Accused of Race and Age Discrimination in New Lawsuit

CBS Accused of Race and Age Discrimination in New Lawsuit
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Ghen Maynard, a CBS executive responsible for developing shows like Survivor and Amazing Race, has filed a lawsuit against CBS Studios following being fired by the company according to The Hollywood Reporter. Maynard’s firing comes on the heels of an investigation into a complaint that he “mistreated” a female co-worker.

The mistreatment investigation was launched after a production meeting during which Maynard asked for the opinion of a male employee on his team after a female employee had already spoken. As a result of the investigation Maynard was told he was being removed from the Beverly Hills 90210 team he was leading, despite the HR investigation finding that he had not violated CBS’s policies.

In his discrimination suit, Maynard alleges the culture at CBS, post Les Moonves, has not changed in regards to the overwhelming power white executives hold at the company. “Despite blaming all of its problems on Mr. Moonves and claiming that it has taken steps to improve race and gender issues at the Company, today’s CBS ‘leaders,’ those making the key decisions on such issues, are all white males, whose decisions belie CBS’ self-serving rhetoric,” says Maynard. He also claims to be the only non-white executive at CBS Studios prior to his firing, which will go into effect this December.

Read the full story at The Hollywood Reporter.

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