What a long, strange trip it's been! As we near the end of the road, we have just two clawing, crazy kitties and two snarling dogs left. The journey has not been without surprises and upsets. And questions! What happened to Pit Bull? Why did the mighty Tiger fall? Who among us would believe Lion would get left behind? Where were Hello Kitty's fans when she needed them? How did mutt not make it to the final four?!

Alas. There's no looking back. Only forward. So let us march on.

For an updated, printable version of the bracket (above), click here. For the original version, you can print from here.

Tuxedo (4) vs. Hobbes (12)

Holy shit: In the Cat Conference, Tuxedo won by 2 votes. TWO. Can the illustrious Tuxedo beat cartoon kitty Hobbes? Some may see this battle as a duel between buttoned-up and silly. Some may see it as a struggle between real and make-believe. However you feel, remember that you are voting for The Best Cat Ever. And the winner will immediately be thrown into a dogfight. Vote wisely!



Corgi (4) vs. Dachshund (6)

The Corgi has kept an innocent smile, despite slaughtering her competitors: So far, she's bested Bulldog, Pug and Golden Retriever. Can she triumph over fellow short-legged pup Dachshund? Or will the winning wiener dog send Corgi home with her tail between her legs?

Polls remain open until 3pm EDT tomorrow. Vote hard, and put some thought into it — today's winners go to the championship game. Who do you want playing on your team?