While we fear that the existence of polydactyl cats is a sign that felines will one day develop the ability to put stupid videos of humans on the internet, one cat is putting his extra toes to good use. While most cats have 18 toes, Daniel, an orange-and-white tabby, has two more on each foot for a grand total of 26. While he's two toes short of a Guinness World Record, his unusual paws have made him the mascot for the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. When the shelter learned its rent would be doubling, it started asking for $26 donations, or $1 per toe. Now they've raised enough to relocate to a new building. The shelter's owner says Daniel is perfectly happy with his extra digits. "He runs and he plays and he climbs, he uses a scratching post. He seems to be not bothered by it at all," she says.