Catholic High School Fires Lesbian Coach for Being Gay

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The Catholic Diocese of Columbus fired Bishop Watterson High School's much-beloved physical education teacher and coach after learning she was gay and living in sin. Is that even legal? It's unclear, but at least those poor children are safe from the clutches of a devil woman who was plotting to turn them all into lesbians, one soccer goal at a time.


Carla Hale taught at Bishop Watterson for 19 years — the school's website still lists her as Department Chair of Health and Physical Education Department — but was fired in late March after her mother's obituary effectively outed her; it said she lived with a partner named Julie. (No Catholic men are named Julie.) Neither the Diocese, the school, nor Hale would comment, but Hale's attorney and multiple sources close to the situation confirmed that she would still be teaching kids how to shoot hoops today if it wasn't for her sexual orientation.

More than 7,000 people — including current students, alumni, and teachers — have signed a petition urging the Diocese of Columbus to reinstate Hale.

"Discrimination against someone for their sexuality is wrong," wrote a commenter who identified herself as Courtney Hale, ostensibly Carla's daughter. "It is not our place to judge someone especially based on these terms. She is an amazing mother, friend, teacher, and all around person. That is how people should see her!"

It’s the second time this year that Catholic schools in Ohio have fired educators for supporting gay rights, according to Outlook Columbus. In February, an assistant principal at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati was fired by the Cincinnati Archiocese after he said he was pro-gay marriage on his personal blog.

On Bishop Watterson High School's website, there's a quote:

"Be it known to all who enter Bishop Watterson High School: Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen, but ever present teacher in the classes, the model of its faculty, and the inspiration of its students."


It's common knowledge that J.C. preached tolerance and kindness thought lesbians were icky.



I'm pretty sure if it's a private Catholic school then they're within their rights.

I don't agree with the decision but I'm not religious, let alone Catholic, let alone running a Catholic school. She was the one who chose to work there, and I trust she knew she was a lesbian when she made the decision to accept employment there.

"It's common knowledge that J.C. preached tolerance and kindness thought lesbians were icky."

Picking and choosing sections of the bible to endorse gay tolerance is as pointless as picking and choosing sections of the bible to discriminate against gays. The entire thing is a giant mess of conflicting messages and ideas, and it's not worth bringing up in any sensible discussion about how people deserve to be treated.