Catherine Keener Doesn't Need To Be In Ladymags

Illustration for article titled Catherine Keener Doesnt Need To Be In Ladymags

"If she posed in Harper's Bazaar or Ladies' Home Journal, she'd be more famous," says Nicole Holofcener of her collaborator. "She'd be offered more stuff. But I don't think she cares. This is the path she wants to take." [Newsweek]


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I think back on all her quirky roles. Johnny Suede—first time I saw her. There was one ensemble film I loved in which she played a lesbian—damn wish I could remember the name. And she was terrifying in the true-crime story as the woman who locked the girl in the basement and abused her.

Damn—off to google. She's incredible. Incredible! I have always had a huge girl-crush on her.