Catcalling Woman Tells a Dude: 'I Want to Destroy Your Dick'

Many people have filmed secret catcalling videos—famously, this one—as a way to call attention to street harassment. Two intrepid New York women experimented by doing the catcalling themselves in what they referred to as “Drive-by street harassment.”

“I’m worried because being a woman in public is always very scary,” says comedian SJ before venturing into the field. Ginny responds, “I’m very concerned about SJ getting stabbed.”

In the video, SJ is seen walking through Bryant Park (a crowded public space), creepily whispering dirty phrases to random dudes.


A few of her choice callouts:

“I want to destroy your dick.”

“I love that cock.”

“Uh, dat ass.”

“That’s a fine ass.”

How did the men react? Some were taken aback. Some laughed. None were appalled.

SJ later tries the same thing on a pigeon, a table and flowers. What lesson did we learn here? “The lesson here is that no one learned anything,” says Ginny.

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I seriously laughed out loud at this.

Of course men weren’t offended/scared! That’s the whole deal! Being a man on the street is completely different! And I think that in the end the video does end up making a great point about this!

Women have to live in fear that when strange men come up to them on the street and say inappropriate things to them that they will be sexually/physically assaulted. It serves as a blatant reminder that we *allegedly* exist solely for male consumption. And that shit hurts.

And when men are cat called? It’s silly, meaningless fun. Because there is no threat. There is no reminder of their objective status in society. The looks on those guys’ faces really got me. “OMG. A hot girl NOTICED me. I’m such a stud!”