Is watching your cat drink a glass of wine the loneliest you can feel?

The makers of Apollo Peak have created a non-alcoholic wine just for cats, and baby, I need a real glass of wine after contemplating it. The Huffington Post spoke with the founder, who created Pinot Meow and MosCATó:

“It’s made like a tea,” Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala told The Huffington Post. “But since we got it to look so much like a wine, we want it to be perceived as a wine by the consumer — that way they can feel as though they are having a glass of wine with their pet.”


I do want to feel that, but I know it would be the beginning of the end of leaving the house. As Zavala says, “It started out as a joke, slapping a label on a regular wine bottle.” Then he realized some people would really like that. They would, and we should not be encouraged.

The wine is made from catnip and beet juice, which is non-toxic but may give your pets weirdly colored poops. A bottle of 1.6 “meownces” will set you back $4.95, which is still cheaper than a glass of wine at a bar. But at what cost to your sanity? Please, this Friday, share a glass of alcohol with a human.

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