Cat Marnell Reportedly Landed a Huge Book Deal with Simon & Schuster

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Taking a slightly disparaging tone, Page Six recently reported that Cat Marnell, the former xoJane beauty editor with a particular fondness for chronicling her adventures with angel dust, has landed a $500,000 book deal with Simon & Schuster for her memoir, How to Murder Your Life. Impressed?

The Atlantic Wire added an update from Marnell herself in which she kinda, sort confirmed the six-figure deal: "I can't confirm anything except that I am very excited and the book will be worth every penny." Last summer, when Marnell quit her xoJane post amid reports that the Jane Pratt-helmed blog had tried to send her to rehab multiple times, there was a rumor afoot that Marnell's next project would be a big, beautiful, drug-laced book. Well, not a rumor, exactly — Marnell announced that she was fed up with meeting xoJane deadlines when what she should really be doing was "looking for shooting stars and smoking angel dust with my friends and writing a book."


You see, kids? When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, that book deal your heart desires, will come to you.

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She's a shite role model, but then again, if young women are reading her stuff and believing they can also live this city-girl-cocaine-fuelled existence, all the power to them. They're stupid, but that's okay.