Cat Cora and Her Ex-Wife Truly, Madly Hate Each Other

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It feels like just yesterday that Cat Cora and her longtime partner, Jennifer, were examining hundreds of sweetheart necklines in preparation for their wedding. But that was then. Today, the two are divorced, with Cora telling Page Six that Jennifer has spent the last few years “wanting to destroy my life at any cost,” throwing her into “a nightmare I can’t wake up from.” Love is a gift.


Cora filed a petition for a domestic violence restraining order, citing “cyber-stalking, mental and emotional distress and abuse.” Her current wife, Nicole Ehrlich—who has filed her own restraining order—compared Jennifer to the serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy, telling Page Six that “her power and happiness comes from making Cat miserable.”

Evidently these restraining orders were made following multiple instances of Jennifer “cornering” Nicole and Cat:

According to Cat’s petition, the couple claim Jennifer has cornered them repeatedly at public places like the boys’ school and baseball fields, invading their personal space while making a scene.

In Cat’s restraining order petition, a scene is described from the middle of 2017 when their two youngest sons were playing baseball and Jennifer caused a scene by cornering Nicole.

“Her parents witnessed it, ALL 6 kids saw or heard her cornering Nicole….Jennifer got up in Nicole’s face, it was pretty shocking,” the document reads.

The final straw was when a strange man trespassed on Cora and Ehrlich’s property in August. He was serving papers, but they didn’t know that because he allegedly didn’t ring the doorbell, apparently opting instead to shout at a window.

In conclusion: “Her whole goal in life is for me to fail, be destroyed, not have a relationship with the kids, for everyone to know I am a BAD person….. she is is desperately trying to make me seem like a bad person, bad mother, anything to hurt me,” Cat wrote in the restraining order petition. Seems like a lot of work, to be honest. [Page Six]

Does this note from Gigi Hadid’s father, Mohamed, mean that she’s given birth? Fans think so. It sure seems like it. But then, the elderly do strange things on social media.


In case you can’t read that, it says:

“Hello little grandchild, it is me, my heart as happy as can be. I wish for you the sun & moon, I wish for you a happy time. Know that grandpa’s always here, I’ll do anything, anything for you, my dear.”


Whether it’s for an existing child or a fetus, it’s a nice sentiment. Also, excellent penmanship, Mohamed. [Page Six]

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Hoo brother. I’m sorry for Cat Cora. My ex has spent the past 14 years (!!!!) cyber stalking me, taking me to court (the latest over an anonymous blog I have, that he found, and printed out—all 1,000 pages apparently, and also my entire Twitter feed—and put into a 3 ringed binder to convince a custody court that I am a terrible horrible very bad mother and I should never be allowed to publish anything ever (i’m a writer, so...), (he sees his child a few weeks a year, doesn’t pay child support, and never calls), regular texts that hope my now partner dies, or leaves me because I “smell like fish,” etc etc. This is after all of my 20s being married and physically and mentally abused. So, I hope for Cat Cora’s sake she gets these restraining orders and her ex leaves her the hell alone. It is a lot of work, but for psychopaths, it’s their life’s work.