Many cat owners have seen those cat cameras, fantasized briefly about spending workdays watching our cats do whatever it is cats do, and immediately dismissed the expense as a step too far. But not one New York woman. She forged ahead, and now she has footage of some dude robbing her apartment.


That’s according to NBC 4. The woman requested anonymity and appears on the report only as a silhouette.

But she did tell the reporter that she’s getting the last fucking laugh:

“People thought I was crazy to spend $200 on a camera, plus another $100 a year to record the video so I could watch my cats,” she said. “But it really unexpectedly came in handy.”


The burglar got various electronics and some jewelry. The woman has passed the tape along to the cops, who’re looking for the guy.

The cats hissed at the intruder but did not otherwise obstruct his robbery. Standard ungrateful cat behavior.

Photo via Shutterstock/Poprotskiy Alexey.

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