Casey Wilson Came Out of Anesthesia the Day of Her Jimmy Kimmel Live! Interview

If you listen to Casey Wilson’s Real Housewives podcast Bitch Sesh (co-hosted with Danielle Schneider), you’ll know that Wilson is no stranger to being put completely under anesthesia for minor oral surgeries. Such was the case the day she went on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On the talk show to promote her new Amazon series One Mississippi, Wilson debuted a video, shot that very morning, in which she—groggy from the drugs—expressed her excitement to come on Live!

“Hey Jimmy, pleasure to be here,” Wilson slurs from the front seat of her car, later adding, “Feeling good, feeling happy to be out of my oral surgery, and excited to be on national television. Hoping [hiccup]—excuse me—hoping it goes well.”


And it did! Especially after she told the story of her dad not only getting a spray tan, but getting a perm to look like Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

To borrow some words from Danielle Schneider, I want a hairstyle—and a dental procedure—to succeed.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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She’s a treasure. Her departure from SNL was the best thing for her career.