Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael Have a Series About Anger Issues in Development with Hulu

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As an angry woman, this news is welcome.

Vulture reports that reps from Hulu confirmed Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are developing a series currently titled Unhinged, about a woman with anger control issues. As they point out, Wilson wrote an essay for Lenny Letter this summer about her tendency to lash out in eruptive anger, but she still says that her writing partner Raphael initiated the concept:

“June had the idea,” added Wilson, who will star as the woman with the storm cloud above her head. “We’re just now getting comfortable with our anger and able to look at it with fondness.”

The show is produced by John Riggi and is in early stages. In her essay, Wilson had written that though she generally enjoyed her outbursts, she gradually became aware of them as a problem and sought therapy. Wilson says that what ultimately helped her mellow out was loss, and the tenuous connection we have with others that can break in a moment if you’re not careful. Hilarious stuff for a comedy!

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I love June Diane Raphael, was introduced to her by Grace and Frankie, cannot get enough.