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Carry That Weight

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[Petionville, Haiti. Image via Getty.]


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SP's press image to me shows a complicated, passionate guy who lives his life intensely. I used to admire him for this, whether I agreed w/his life choices or not, and was a fan of his acting. My opinion of him now will forever be colored by an encounter I had w/the "crazy guy in the parking lot" a few months ago.

Me: Parked my car in a nearly deserted parking lot at the local grocery store on a Sunday night. Returned to my car to find an extended-bed pickup truck, despite a sea of empty spaces, parked next to me at such an angle it will be difficult to get out. The truck’s passenger is listening to music so I tap on the window to see if the woman will move the truck for me.

Passenger: She says she can’t help me. I take it to mean that she doesn’t know how to drive!

Me: I attempt to extract my car and I almost do so when I see a man racing towards me across the lot. I naively think the man sees the dilemma he created and wants to apologize. Or maybe he’s just afraid I've nicked his car. I stop and roll down my window to talk.

Man: At closer range I see it’s a "crazy guy" with a face contorted in fury, and he’s starting to swing his grocery bag. Vulgar expletives are spewing out of his mouth, addressing me, the proximity of my car…basically for disturbing his peace. My brain is in overdrive with: "WTF is happening? OMG, crazy-guy is SP!! OMG, WTF is happening?!"

Me: I pull out of the space as the bag and its contents (cans, I’m guessing) crash down on my roof. I drive away shaking, wondering whether I’ll be pursued, whether I need to call the police, and oh yeah, WTF just happened?!

/Story (rant) over. Thx for letting me share.