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Caroline Manzo's Sons Get Inevitably Ridiculous Web Spinoff Show

Ever since Albie got kicked out of law school on an episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, we had a feeling that Bravo might tap Caroline Manzo's children for their next Jersey-centric reality show. Enter Boyz To Manzo. And for a web-only show, the new bachelor pad is looking quite lavish. Let's take a tour!

The boys — Ablie, 25, Chris, 22, and friend Greg — have moved into a swanky Hoboken apartment (you didn't think Andy Cohen would let these fools actually leave New Jersey, did you?; they're "excited to get out there and experience" their new stomping grounds. And what will those nights of clubbing look like? Roommate Greg shares, "I like to stand here and pretend like there's millions of people taking pictures of me."


[Hulu via Crushable]

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That'll do, Bravo.